4 Top Social Media Platforms for Nigerian Businesses.
November 25, 2016
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Maybe you are still one of those thinking going digital is not the right thing at the moment; well I have some changing news for you on this.

Maybe you are one of those who has tried traditional means of marketing and has only got little or no conversion other than awareness or you might even have tried doing some social media stunt just to join the league. You are very lucky you found this article.


I am not here to advertise to you, I am just here to tell you something magical you might be missing from the whole digital aspect of media, digital marketing has a whole lot to offer to you and your target audience.

I will only take the aspect of social media because the first point of marketing in business is list-building which comes from relationship. Social media can help you make the reach depending on your business though, it can help you get some reaction around your business and you can technically know if your kind of business resonates well with your audience as you project discerning digital marketing techniques.

Before I start let me reel out starts from Nigeria on social media from Social Bakers. About 7.1 million Nigerians are actively on Facebook, minimum 4million show up every day. Also, Twitter has the figure of Nigerian users as of 2013 to stand at a figure of 1.8 million with 67% Nigerian twitter followers following between the age of 20-29 but certainly it is growing.

Instagram has 3.21million Nigerians as at 2014 and the figure certainly has geared up. Also the professional social media website, LinkedIn has a figure around 1million. Above all, fan/followers spend on the average 46 minutes on Facebook and Instagram.

I am not saying your customers are all here but a fraction of them are certainly here and there is a need to go where business goes. Lest I forget to say, currently Nigerian has 86.219 million internet users according to Internet live statistics. So what are they doing online? Probably educating themselves, entertaining themselves, or carefully trying to know about you or your line of business. So a good businessman goes where the market is.


Now let’s begin the importance:

Social Media Marketing helps your brand become better known as you spend quality time posting and telling the vast number of people online about your brand, your company and what value you set to give. It helps you build brand awareness with people online and in an easy way. So when you talk about brand awareness, social media got you covered there because it gives you the fuel to reach some number of people depending on your strategy and social media plans.

Social media will assist you to effectively target your online audience. As I said, you should go where business goes, and if you know some of your potential customer and customers are on a social platform, the right thing to do is to let them know. Be found before someone else shows up in their life. You have got no chances to take here, just your guts and the right attitude to doing social media rightly or hiring a professional to help you handle the pages. Oh! I didn’t tell you, social media now as pages for businesses and organizations. Leverage on the opportunity right now before your competitor does.

Social Media helps you meet new customers: Maybe you have been thinking about having new customers for decades, social media platform creates that avenue to meet people who are a distance away and even close within your doorsteps. Business people make one more mistake, they think their neighbors know them but I bet you that they are wrong. Some people also just mind their business but if you are where they are, they might get to interact more with you. Meet new clients and expand your audience. Promoting your business through the social media vehicle should not be an option if you are seriously in need of new customers.

Social Media will help you gather more intelligence as you narrow down your audience and better define their persona and journey in the buying stage. Social media is equipped with tools to help you identify the kind of followers you have every day. You can research on what they do, how long they spend online, sex, age, demography, interest and bunch of other pieces of stuff. One thing should be clear to you, you don’t want to market your products to the wrong set of people, so well-targeted fans will help you a lot and save you some stress. Think of it, why market to those people who are not likely to buy? Instead of burning your cash, strategically select the kind of audience you want online.

Social Media will help you reach people at a very minimum cost. That is why you need to start now before your competitors do. Considering that you can select the audience to reach which is totally different from any other form of media or perhaps quite different, with careful spending starting from as low as some few audiences, social networking site will give the range of audience in accordance with your resources and the targeting method you chose. You can choose to pay for impressions, click or conversion which makes social media marketing a good way to advertise all you want.


Let us help you create a social media plan and strategy

Social Media gets you started quickly when you want to. On social media platforms, everything works in express form. Tools are easy to use to get your content published even though there are technicalities to help you publish effectively such as scheduling and tracking some major metrics to know what works and what isn’t. Whenever you are ready to get your content published, all you need to the is upload those content via the media platform of your choice and voila you have it published. There are some things though you must understand, which are the frequency of publish, the number of characters to publish, how each platform best works and a knowledge of the usefulness of each will go a long way to help maximize the potential of the chosen channel. Twitter requires at least six posts per day while a post of two to four will work on your facebook page. Social media helps you publish context easier and faster.

Social Media will boost your Inbound Traffic: The purpose of setting up a website is for people to visit and key into why you have them set up. People are not going to come until you go where they are and invite them. Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Linkedin in Nigeria will go a long way to help you drive traffic to the website and with more traffic comes better ranking because Google has recently taken social media traffic as one of the metrics for SERP. So if you really want to be better found, drive in more traffic through social media.

Social media definitely helps with Search ranks on Search Engines. Like I said earlier that with more traffic, more time spend on your website by visitors due to quality content and more page views due to values offered on the website, search engines understand how to rank your website. The only problem I have here is to wrongly direct people to what you didn’t promise them which in itself is a bad idea. Set expectations of what visitors will be reading or getting on your website before you lead them or else there will be more bounce rates which do hurt your ranking than it should help. Publish contents with value and direct visitors straight to the page that has to publish contents from your social media. This is what search engines want and that is what I believe you should do. No black hat tricks here.

Social media will help you Increase leads and improve conversion: Working for Bel Impex Limited, I have used social media to drive in a lead of over 100 million nairas just in two weeks. I could not believe this could work that way until the marketing manager told me about a single customer asking to be a distributor in Lagos. That is the power of social media. Even at the point of writing this article, I drove in three sub-distributors for the company via social media. So if you are thinking of driving leads and making more sales, social media should be one of your major options because someone might just be out there ready to do business with you.

Social media help promote your brand authority in your niche. The fact that you are now where some of your potential customers help you boost your image and increase your authority within the sphere of your industry. The smart thing about social media is that you have the tools your competitors have at the same cheap price, the only difference is methodology. With social media presence, you can interact more with people, build your brand presence and make known what the brand identity. Relating to your customers through social media platform gives you the opportunity of a 1:1 communication. Communicate your brand, share your goals with them and importantly listen to your audience.


We have worked with individuals, groups, and organizations, let’s work with you!

Social Media is another customer management platform for you. Another reason to start with social media for business is the fact that grand customer experience can be done using the platform. You can allow your customers reach out to you with their experience on your social network. It is easy and cheaper for them as well as convenient and cost-effective for you since you can always keep their complaints and logs of solution into backup to solving more problems. You can start to lighten them up with their interest since you have an insight of what their interest should be. Post about what the love, share the noble things they share. Design your content and build the experience to be friendly and customer focused. Turn them to business promoters through the social media platforms by adding values to their lives. Create a real-time customer service with social media to improve on customers’ experience.

Social Media will help you provide receive instant feedbacks and monitor what people are saying. One of the things I love about social media is monitoring and fast feedbacks. You can use several tools but paid and free to monitor what people are saying about you and to also receive instant feedback. The feedback can be more of praises and trying to know you but sometimes it can be as a result of bad experience which needs to be quickly addressed. So with social media, you have the privilege to receive instant feedbacks about anything and monitoring what your audience and competitors are saying becomes pretty easy.

Social Media can help you with the FAQ within your industry. In today’s world, the power of purchase as shifted from the salesperson to the customers because they are actively researching answers to their problems. They have questions that can be identified through interaction and monitoring certain keywords around your brand. Identify those problems they have, come in to discuss with them and by that you build trust and increase your brand reputation in the public. Answering the FAQ helps you to be seen as an authority.

Social Media can help you locate key Influencers within your industry niche which can set out to boost your brand image. If there is anyone people are well attached to discuss aspect of your business, take the opportunity of linking with social media in order to help your brand and business.

Social Media will help you build brand loyalty. Out of the number of followers you build online, you will always find those who resonate with your brand. In other to keep making them loyal, try as much to give them an exceptional discount, free gift, vouchers, coupon etc. Doing these will help improve brand loyalty.

Social Media can be used to conduct a survey on your business. The quickest mistake to make is to assume all is well all the time. As you monitor what people are saying, you need to dig deeper to know what audiences perceptions are. You can also design templates for new products before launch to know the SWOT for the kind of business. It is wrong to believe your audiences will counting taking the heat.

Social Media is also the right channel for hiring people. As a business grows, there will be a need for more hands to handle your business, a good platform to publish hiring will be Linkedin for the way it is designed professionally. The second I would suggest is facebook and it is so urgent twitter can be used for it real-time communication mechanism. Thinking of recruiting new hands or replacing old ones, the social networking website will help you out fast, easy and with little or no cost.

Social Media reporting can be used for product Improvement or developing of new product or service ideas. Innovation must not stop in business as innovation is a sign of growth in itself. Data obtained from analytics and survey can be combined to create or modify business in order to meet customers need.

Social Media affords you the opportunity to know about your competitor both old and new since the platform is available for everyone with the same rules. As much as you want to garner information about your audiences to better serve them and get them fully interested in your product or service, you can use social media to spy on your competitor and see what values they are offering, what they are getting right and how best to redesign your social media strategy.

Social Media gives you the ability to evaluate market campaigns to know what is working and what is not. With each strategy develop you begin to understand the kind of audience you have and the way to develop content and strategies that meet up with their interest. Knowledge of each market campaign will further know how each click, impression, leads, and conversion is worth against the revenue generated.

Social Media allows you to know the kind of content for the future post. Whenever you do a breakdown of the post your fans resonate with and engages more with, you do have a clue of what to post in the future to educate and entertain your audience. Know that the only too way to make it more sociable is via education and entertainment. That is why they are online and you should respect that. That doesn’t mean you don’t speak your product but the way you communicate your products should be these two ways.

Social Media can be used to build a community of brand Representatives. As you grow your online presence via the use of social networking platforms, something you should consider is having people that represent your brand within their community. In this way, you send love, you show connection and it means your brand and business is closer to the people in the community. So in this way, you have both the online and offline team building and brand promotion.


Hey, you can always reach out to us. We can work on a business together!


In summary, if your business is not on any social media platform, here is the time to leverage on the opportunity, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness social media offers to reach your audience who are online waiting for you to come onboard. You don’t have to stay hidden anymore because social media platform has grown big in Nigeria. Think about the recent figure my NCC which gives the number of active internet users in Nigeria to be over 86 million. Where do you think these people are?

If the statistics are speaking and are huge you need to know that social media will offer you more value and help you generate more sales than you have been doing. You should not also forget that it is easier and faster to promote your brands online and meet new customers.

Social media also allows you to measure the valuable metrics that count like who your audiences are and what they do, their age and sex, location and the type of devices they use.

Think about the many benefits and you will surely agree with me that there is no time to waste but to jump right there and capture the market online by storm through careful planning and strategy building. Good luck! If you need any help please feel free to contact me. Ensure you leave a comment and don’t be selfish to share my contents with your friends.


Lawore Olufemi is the Founder of Dreamspire Media Agency, a digital marketing expert with over four years in the industry. He believes Digital Marketing will help Small and Medium Scale Companies who cannot cope with the huge expenses of traditional marketing.

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