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December 8, 2014
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4 Top Social Media Platforms for Nigerian Businesses.

Hello you, I know you want to get your business online via social media and I must say that is a brave step to take. Using social media as one of the vehicle to reach your audience and generate new customers or traffic is a smart decision to take but the problem you may encounter could go from choosing among the numerous platforms to start with and how best to start with.

The thing about each social networking site is that each of the social media platforms has their uniqueness, their pros and cons; they tend to fill in their competitors gap in a way to demand more sign ups and usability.

Also you must understand that for each country and continent, there are social platforms that are commonly accepted and the usability soars than others, you must understand from what I wrote in my previous post of 22 Benefits of Social Media/Marketing for Nigerian businessesthat business goes where market is.

There is no point setting shop on pinterest if your kind of audiences is not going to be there. The fact that we are still developing in technology should give you an insight into making wise choices so you don’t invest energy and time into what won’t work for the moment.

It is also important to note that there are some kinds of business that have huge acceptability on one social networking medium than the other and choosing the right platform means finding the right audiences. You don’t want to sell sugar to those with diabetes. Here are the four best social platforms to start with in Nigeria due to the usability, reach, ease and potential to drive revenue.


It is good to know that the leading social networking platform in Nigeria as at today is Facebook which has account hovering above 7.1 million. I will always recommend setting up a facebook business page for your business so as to reach your customers and meet new ones.

For any business that tends to succeed online, facebook is the best platform to be as there are also many supports nowadays by the facebook team to help you target your audiences more effectively.

You can target your audience based on their interest, their age, location, sex and many more which makes it my number one choice helping client.

Another reason to make facebook the number one choice apart from target audience is because it is easy to set up and facebook is partnering with Nigerian networks to make it easy and less expensive to visit the platform. For example, the Airtel Facebook partnership.


If you are into fashion wears, foods and beverages, hand works and cosmetics, Instagram is the next platform to pitch your business tent with because 3.1 million active accounts can’t just be wrong especially when it comes to music and fashion.

Instagram has got the activeness and actions flowing in every second with several millions of pictures uploaded every day in Nigeria. One thing you just need to work on s to like as many pictures as possible and follow those who follow back or have interest in line with what you offer.

Selectively target those within your audience and make comments whenever they post pictures. Your activeness on Instagram is business itself even though time consuming but you will always get the reward when you are creative and offer what sells through intelligence gathering.

You can also link your facebook account with instagram so that whatever you have on facebook gets linked to instagram and from instagram to facebook. The beauty about instagram and facebook page set up is that you can use same ads to target those on instagram via your facebook page by visiting the manage ads and then following necessary set up information.


Twitter comes next with an account above 1.8 million but to most Nigerians it is a bit technical and people find it difficult to use. it is a real time social communication platform to get your business out there. With twitter, you can create topics through hashtags and as well follow some influencers, be where your audiences are and answer questions where necessary within your niche.

Gaining followers on twitter who may be interested in your business is just simple. Follow those who are your competitor’s followers and go places they visit to always key in to them.

Running ads on twitter is not like facebook or instagram but the best can as well be done through twitter ads and the use of some twitter cards to help boost sales and product awareness.

I promise to explain how to set up social media accounts or provide an article to help with.


Another wonderful platform to choose is linkedin. What I love about linkedin is that you have got the platform to be a taught leader. You have a collection of minds on linkedin, professionals who have interest similar to yours or the service you offer.

Just prove to be helpful by your contributions on discussion, forums and share helpful article.

Running Ads on Linkedin is quite the same as facebook but it offers much more than what facebook offers in terms of selected audiences.


These four social platforms (facebook, Twitter, Instagram and linkedin) are the major social networking site used by most Nigerians and Google+ can just be an addition.

I believe there is no need having many social platforms that you cannot manage. If you have social monitoring software, then that will be great but I have known that selection of best platform is important in building good strategy and achieving effectiveness than choosing all.

Even though marketing is all about going where business is, wise choice will save you more and help you to be effective.

I can help you manage your social media pages effective and also add some other digital marketing techniques to help you drive sales and awareness. let your business go where the market is today.

Lawore Olufemi is the Founder of Dreamspire Media Agency, a digital marketing expert with over four years in the industry. He believes Digital Marketing will help Small and Medium Scale Companies who cannot cope with the huge expenses of traditional marketing.

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