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Search and Display Advertising for Nigerian Business Growth 2018-Dreamspire Media

Welcome to Dreamspire Media, our desire is that you start implementing search and display advertisement in 2018 through various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing to reach more people who are probably search through the web or visiting key places for answers that you have.

Google Search on Deodorants in Nigeria

Search Phrase: I want to buy deodorants in Nigeria

Search and Display could be the option you take this year to be in the right places your kind of audience go. With over one billion searches/queries on places like Bing, yahoo and Google every second, it means people are looking for answers, who knows, they might even be looking for a service that you offer or a product that you sell.

Even though bread is safe to eat alone, with jam added, there is the sweet extra taste that the tongue meets. Search and display are like bread and Jam in complementary terms that makes advertisement using search engines, a sweet delight.

Google Display Planner Result

What is Search Engine Advertising?

Search Engine Advertising is a form of online paid advertising, commonly called pay-per-click or PPC, which gives enables your product or business to be found on search engines when a user enters a query on selected search engines such as yahoo, Google, and Bing. Display Advertising on the other hand, also commonly called banner ads, and are advertising done much more like banners at strategic online places or contents.

How does Search Engine Advertising Works?

Unlike Social media Ads that looks quite simple, Ads on Google, yahoo, Bing and others are quite more expensive but the results can be extraordinary especially in terms of volume conversion. Instead of spending your entire Ad budget on Social media, why not share some on search engine services to drive the results you need for 2018.

Therefore, the real question is how to implement this strategy to help you drive your goal. I did not forget why you clicked to read. So let us begin. According to Neil Patel, 93% of online experiences beings with a search engine.

When the goal is more towards conversion, search seems to be the best option for businesses as you can use keywords, relevance and bid to position your advert in the top space dedicated to search results of search engine platforms. Imagine someone searches for a furniture getting to see and know more about the furniture product that a business has. That is simply the power of search.

Where display comes in to help businesses is strategy positioning it gives when the goal of the business is to generate awareness than sales. Both search and display in a way would drive conversion, depending on the strategy employed as remarketing (the possibility of showing your advert to people over some time usually 30 days whichever site or platform they visit) can be implemented.

What you need to begin Search Engine Advertisement in 2018?

Understand your goal very well as this is critical to the process you will design to earn the anticipated results. Goals actually drives strategy in digital marketing and it is the goal that marketers measure. The effectiveness of search engine analytics even makes search and display Advertisement sweeter and better as it is only things that we can accurately measure that we can control.

You can test various keywords commonly used for your kind of business on pingdom to get the LSI keywords or go through Google keyword planner if you know how to use the tool. Likewise, images can be optimized to drive conversion when display is the option.

Text, Image, lightbox and videos are some of the options to choose from display advertising but for searches, keywords, relevance of page to the search queries, site optimization and bid spend are very vital to the success of your advertisement. Make sure that your ads are complaint with the rules of the various search engine options you choose. Also, ensure that your bid and budget is not too low so that you can rank high enough to win a potential customer for your business.

In Summary

Search and display adverts are best when you capture intention of the visitor. If your goal for your business in this year is to drive conversion, then the right advertising choice will be the use of search. However, if your products needs a face-lift or you want to constantly remind people of your product or business, and then you make use of display to drive enough brand awareness.

Now that I have explained some key elements and benefits of display and search network to you, hope you would start implementation soon enough so that your marketing can be outstanding than your competition?

Feel free to ask any question and you can as well comment or make any helpful additions.

Lawore Olufemi is the Founder of Dreamspire Media Agency, a digital marketing expert with over four years in the industry. He believes Digital Marketing will help Small and Medium Scale Companies who cannot cope with the huge expenses of traditional marketing.

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