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How WhatsApp and SMS can help drive Awareness and Sales

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People really do not like being disturbed with promotional SMS messages and that is one reason texting has become very unpopular but not until my team and I discovered that text communication like WhatsApp can go a very long way to impact businesses positively when used correctly.


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If these two forms of texting (SMS and WhatsApp Messing) can be strategically implemented into marketing communication, it would improve sales and positive brand perception and wrong use may connote a bad feel of the business to the consumer.

What happens many times is that business don’t really add values and in this manner consumer see any publication as a form of intrusion into their privacy which may make them go further to select any of the messages as SPAM.

I will be showing you how you can help develop awareness for your business through positive approach assuming you have a lot of contacts registered on your phone or somewhere in your data file.

How to use SMS texting communication correctly for your business:

Like I mentioned earlier, people don’t like being troubled with messages on products purchase or services and as a business, what you should put out to the face of consumer or audience is a solution that may help them.  SMS is just 150-160 characters which leave you with little messages to compose. But two key things are important to help you succeed with SMS marketing communication method.

  1. Value typed message: Now, it will be nice seeing” how to cure dark spot for your skin in 7 days” which is 44 character with space added than buy body cream for dark spot or Seven days spot removal cream- I am not saying this won’t work but that may piss many off. A business must first display value before the product. Even though we want to sell some body spot removal creams, we did not display our intention forthright.
  2. The second thing you must do is to type in a short landing page where you say more about dark spots, how it can be removed and the cream itself with testimonial from people. If you don’t have a website, WhatsApp is another channel you can use to sensitize them. So what you do is direct them to the number they can use to chat with you. If your choice is WhatsApp, then you need two things. One, you need to have a PDF well designed and formatted content on dark spot cleansing that you promised with a display of the cream. Second, you need a summary note of what they would get on the PDF but ensure both the PDF and note are short, easy to read and well created.

In a nutshell, SMS can be used to deliver value and upsell or build brand by applying creativity to it. Put out the value rather than the products. Understand your goal and plan out the SMS process carefully.


How to Use WhatsApp to Upsell/cross-sell and improve Brand Awareness through Texting

If you have all the number on a mobile phone, a thousand or more of them and you are still thinking about what you should do with it. Well,  a creative approach to WhatsApp marketing can help you do that.

People are effectively using WhatsApp to promote their businesses, it is a better app to stay closer to your consumers as many people use it more than they use other means of social applications. WhatsApp creates better customer interact as it is simple to use, fast and most people spend more time on it.

With WhatsApp, all you need to do is to reach out through a broadcast first so that people will get to add you up. You can start with a free gift, a short introduction that is catchy. But as you do this, you must end up with the thought of creating a group though some might stay out of the group.

Instead of advertising about a school, why not share a short broadcast of may six ways parents can effectively help they child to become a genius. If this is good, you can invite them to join the group stating that you will only be sharing one-two message of not more than 300 words on the group.

Good points to note is that the text must be creative, well outlined to help them capture point as most will skim through.  Later on through the status, you can post on school activities, students performance, short videos on what is happening can also be shared on both the status and on the group page. When you deliver more value, parents would surely invite parents to the group so that everyone can learn and benefit.

As a take home point and reminder, what you do on both will be to deliver the value of your business but as time goes on post of products and services. Design PDFs, infographics, power point slides, videos and others in a simple, clear and fun way.

In conclusion

Now that you have learned about the power of your phone numbers archived somewhere on your phone or computer, you can share with me later on how this has helped your business and what more I can do to help your business grow.

For more questions or contributions, kindly type and submit and if you have any suggestion that would be much more helpful using text marketing, feel free to share on the platform.


Lawore Olufemi is the Founder of Dreamspire Media Agency, a digital marketing expert with over four years in the industry.He believes Digital Marketing will help Small and Medium Scale Companies who cannot cope with the huge expenses of traditional marketing.

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