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Building a Powerful and Effective Chatbot in less than 7 minutes

Creating a Chatbot

Are you thinking of a way to reduce work overload and systematically manage how you spend your time replying messages on Facebook or your website as a Digital Media person or social media manager? Do you need to learn a way chatbots can help you minimize the workload and effectively do some of your jobs on your behalf while you channel the time and energy into other productive task or at least, find that perfect time to rest or get some fun?


A chatbot is another fun way to help you manage your messenger replies so you can concentrate on other businesses given for the day. As a manager of an account, I believe this is what you should be thinking about, as it would save you time and precious energy.

By the way, what is a chatbot? According to Wikipedia “A chatbot is a computer program or artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods”.

I was recently consumed with great joy after I built a chatbot for my company NPG Nigeria on Facebook for free. It was too exciting to have an AI manage some of my responsibility for me. In a way, I have made technology work for me and my organization. Building a chatbot with chatfuel is easy to do and I encourage you to try it. Though there are still responses that I need to handle myself, I find it quite helpful to have another intelligent guy answer the message replies on my behalf based on set rules, instruction and provided guesses responses.

Chatbot is very interesting and building one on chatfuel just makes all the fun believably remarkable. You do not need to cram your head with codes as all the necessary codes to make it work has been sorted out in the background, all you have to do is to figure out what the request on your pages would be and what responses you would want to give. The other aspect is learning functions and rules within the chatfuel which would require an extra digging your head in it but for simple responses and more human friendliness, you can do with the simple trick I am about to share.


Step One: Type chatfuel.com on your browser to lead you to the home page of chatfuel. This is what you would find when you go to their website.

Chatfuel Home Page

If you have a Facebook account, just click on get started free which I did to try things out. You would have noticed that chatfuel on the webpage there few things you can point that.


  1. They want you to know that you do not need any idea about coding, to begin with
  2. It only takes 7 minutes to launch it.
  3. With your Facebook account, you can begin the process

Aside from connection with Facebook, there is a URL on the page you copy whenever you need to connect same chat program to other web platforms.

Step two:

You can decide to create a new chatbot or use an existing one that works for your niche. This is what the page looks like on chatfuel.

If you choose to use an existing template, you will have a preselection made on your behalf, which you can quickly edit for use.


Welcome Page

Chatbot Welcome Page

A look at one of the template E-commerce leads me to this page and as you would notice, to the left are group structures created for use. You can add a sequence or group to the existing one, to which from the image below you have a menu, category, onboard flow and so on.



Chatbot Stored Template

E-commerce Template on Chatfuel

You can quickly edit all the buttons provided or add more to it to enable it to function the way you want.

Step three: Building chatbot from scratch using chatfuel

For me, I love to start from scratch and I have chosen to create a blank bot, which I clicked and led me to this next step.

Chat bot welcome message

Chatbot Welcome Messages

From here, I do the additions and edit whatever I have built inside the chatbot room. First, I changed the content of the welcome message to what I feel is best for the organization, added three links: Show me around, visit our website and be a distributor.


chatbot welcome messages

Welcome Message on Chatbot

I added sequence under prepared responses. I built the bot for a cosmetic Facebook page and you would see the listed cosmetic products.

In the setup AI section, you can set up the key phrase, for me, it is about anticipating what questions people would ask and I provide answers to those questions.

When composing your AI rule, you can always add your group or sequence as a reply to the expected questions. You can even decide to give a random answer, which means you can have more than one typed reply to any question asked. You can create a group where series of questions and answers can be prepared:


Chat answers constructed for products


I have added several groups like Olivera, Carotone, Hair Products, and Baby Products etc.


When you click on the people section of the chat building room, you would see people and this shows you a list of people that have interacted with you, gives you their name, last time the bot interacted with them, the number of sessions had with users, their location and status.

Step 4:

The last part I want to show you is the analyses part, which is a plot of how your audience is growing. It is a graph of date versus number of users interacting with by the bot messager. Here you would also see a lot of information that can help you build a comprehensive bot system.

Popular use inputs, the first example gives you the top list keywords those users who interacted with you supplied. You get to see popular questions, which you need to provide answers to. Also under this section, you would see how users’ interaction grow and decline on your page that is a measure of engagement.

I know I did not talk about the broadcast, configure and grow section. These sections are primarily what I intend to talk about the next time but since the whole idea of the article is to quickly build a chatbot using chatfuel resources for free within 7 minutes, then this I feel will be sufficient for now.

It would also be good to watch some tutorial video on Youtube that can greatly help you. You can watch this video on youtube: learn chatbot in 10 minutes here. This video will help you understand how to build chatbot and understand the interface better within 10 minutes.

Let me know how it feels after building your chatbot for free using chatfuel. However, there is a limited number of opportunities for the free, but it is always a good thing to start out by practicing freely.


If you have questions at all, kindly let me know by providing them at the comment section.



Lawore Olufemi is the Founder of Dreamspire Media Agency, a digital marketing expert with over four years in the industry. He believes Digital Marketing will help Small and Medium Scale Companies who cannot cope with the huge expenses of traditional marketing.

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