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Digital marketing Questions

Do you really need a digital marketer to work with you on the Online promotion of your business? The question would be like comparing walking to using a bus over a long distance for an appointment. It depends on many factors if you would need a digital marketer to assist in necessary marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing is evolving in an interesting way. Sometimes, the most important decision to make on using any media is about the audience, message, impact, budget, and time. So, should you just dive into the new media advert without evaluating the reasons behind, certainly no.

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In this post, I have highlighted some questions and answered them in a way that would make you decide what to do. You will be able to effectively understand how the new media marketing may fit into your marketing promotion and strategy. If you have been using the essential digital media channels like social media, email marketing, SEM/SEO, Apps, content media, then this is more like questioning your reason behind the use.

Do you really need a Social media expert?


If you don’t really care about what you post on social media, its impact on your business, the reason for the contents to address every decision a consumer makes, if the audience truly just clicked, liked and flipped through without letting the brand image and message stick. If the impressions, reach, frequency does not really count, and there is no connecting goal to every decision made, then I would rightly say, you don’t need one.

The fact is, for social media posts, there must be a strategy and a goal for every action. You don’t just open a platform because everyone is going social for business. There must be a significant reason for wanting to go social for your business. It is appropriate to conduct an investigation to understand the best social media platforms to choose from, knowing that your potential and active customers are there.

This applies more to small businesses with little marketing fund. Going on every social media platform may not be the best marketing option to take because of budget constraint and availability of audience, including management of the communication.

With the help of a digital media expert, the right social platform suitable will be chosen, the plan on the platform will be drawn before you begin, contents to publish will be planned against objectives which could be awareness, engagement or sales. The important meat is the analysis of each social channel for measurement and optimization because data metrics point to some decisions that work and some decisions that did not work. A digital media expert provides a thorough investigation to understand how best to guide media decisions.

Also, I would advise that you allow a digital media expert handle your social media adverts so that your campaign objectives can be achieved effectively with little cost and better ROI. You would not have the time to navigate and dive your head into all the data staring you in the eyes.

Do you need a Google or Bing Ad or PPC marketer?

If you don’t really care about what the cost of impression, cost of clicks, cost of acquisition, target audience characteristics, the delivery of the campaign and its performance, then you should think of hiring an expert. If you do not care about the evaluation of the rank factors such as landing page, bid price, quality content, the responsiveness of platform, with some other factors like keyword research and optimization, Ad scheduling, demographics and all, then you may forget about hiring any digital marketing expert or PPC expert.

PPC Ads is another decision a business needs so as to make to reach a wider audience beyond social platforms as people are moving everywhere around the digital space. Platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo provide the opportunity for a business to be introduced to people whether on their phone, desktop or tablet. Some may even be watching videos on youtube and you need to call their attention to your business.

A good PPC marketer ensures that goals are clear for every campaign set up and the possibility of outcome is good. The beauty of digital is that it is measurable. You cannot be focused on conversion and be setting up brand awareness, you will indeed have high impressions and lower CPC or conversion. For each objective a business needs, the PPC Marketing expert research on the best possible ways to achieve that after running some test, he makes adjustment as campaign runs and optimize Ad campaign to give suitable results. I have seen a businessman waste $5 dollar every day for 5 months because he was doing PPC Ad himself. He got no return on investment after all the goal wasn’t clear what he wanted.

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Do you really need a content writer and strategist?

Anybody can write but sometimes, writing for a specific set of audience with goals in mind, should be done by someone much capable. The truth is, a business owner should focus more on owned expertise and leverage on the competence of a copy writing expert to add significant value. That way there is a good push forward and a right step taken. Content creation needs a plan and tactics, be it the making of graphical designs, videos, pdfs, blog post as a lot of measures and estimations are done to match objectives and average target audience personalities.

When it comes to making creatives, it starts with planning and strategy development to understand and research various medium, audience, colour, size, timing, structure, and format, objective, cost, and all you can think appropriate for your business and audience.

Somehow in building creatives, a professional content creator would be able to work several hours in ensuring projects are good before publishing because once a project goes live, sometimes the impact can be very disastrous. Content analysis is always important to gauge average view and perception. Culture, location, and religion are three important elements to look at when considering publications. I have had to change clothes on creative designs so that they do not receive negative publicity.

Should you even hire an SEO expert, after all, websites are much more simple to build on some platforms and SEO implementation easy?

Well, this also depends on what the objective of having the website is. If the reasons for having a business website is to just flaunt it, just make it seat peacefully on a server without leveraging on it for lead acquisition, product profile, value addition to customers through blogs and all. I don’t really think you do especially if you don’t care about metrics like keywords, organic ranks, the responsiveness of your business website, link building to improve rank, navigations, and tags on each image, text size, and image positions.

When it comes to proper implementation of search engine optimization, it goes beyond just having a meta description and filling the alt text of images, there are lots of minuses and pluses that are down to ensure a better user experience. A good SEO expert understands better how to implement and improve both offsite and onsite parameters.


Do you need an email marketer or a lead generation expert?

As a businessperson, if you are doing fine with the situation of your leads and you feel there is no need winning more people over, then you do not need a lead expert. If your concern is not about keeping current customers informed about additional values and offers, then you do not really need to do emails. You might even have collected emails from an event you organized some weeks or months ago, but if you feel sending them a thank you message is not the best thing to do, then you shouldn’t hire one.

With a lead expert, you can keep expanding your business as you bring in more prospects and one of the best ways to nurture any customer and potential customers is through communication. Your business must keep talking the right things that appeal to them in an innovative way. Choosing email letters can be a helpful tool to save cost and speak more. The holidays, special events and offers can be communicated convincingly via email marketing.

While a lead expert looks out for more businesses, an email marketer designs letter that can be automated to drive each decision made by the readers. The metrics may give you a clear picture of what type of leads they are: cold, warm, or hot leads if you are prospecting.


These and many more factors play into your decisions to hire or not to hire a digital media expert. The marketing world is dynamic and people are shifting between traditional and new age media. The point is, you would have to be where there is business, you have to dress up nicely for the place with a command for attention. Over 1 billion contents are shared every day and you would always want yours to stand out.


Always examine your options, to hire or not to hire an expert.

In conclusion, hiring a digital expert is always your decision to make but your business would need to weigh those decisions more on cost, strategy, competition, best practice, available time, efficiency and effectiveness of actions and plans.

Every business is not designed to go digital but every digital option is always a tool that a business can always profit from.

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Lawore Olufemi is the Founder of Dreamspire Media Agency, a digital marketing expert with over four years in the industry. He believes Digital Marketing will help Small and Medium Scale Companies who cannot cope with the huge expenses of traditional marketing.

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