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April 16, 2019
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In this article, you would understand how to conduct market research online for any business research ideas that you have with the help of Digital Marketing.

You would see what people are looking for based on Google monthly searches in Nigeria and understand how best to narrow down your great business ideas to a sustainable and profitable one.

Have you ever thought of what business you could go into and you have no clue on what to do and which business is suitable?

It seems conducting digital marketing research would greatly help to allow you see what problems are available through search engine queries and what you should look out for in order to make the best use of the digital tools and assets.

Google on a daily basis handles massive loads of search queries running into 5.5 billion per day as estimated by Internet live stat and about 73,616 per second.

So what are people looking for and how can you help them solve the problem. Mind you Google Search constitutes 90.46% of queries in the world and there are still other places to visit.

In this article, I would be helping you out with tools you can make use of and how to conduct your Digital Marketing Research to discover a viable business you have capabilities.

Like I mentioned, Google is just one of the ways a business can discover what next to sell, which problems to solve as people nowadays spent more of their time on the internet venting their frustration and looking for solutions.

So let’s start.

Use the search engine itself: The first thing to do is to use the search engine itself to check for a list of business that you can go into within your location.

Be specific about the location as this is important. Farming may not be best suitable for instance in a place like Lagos where the cost of space would not make you competitive.

Also, you would need to understand that your capital would also determine to another extent the business type you would eventually choose.

I have typed the short phrase “business ideas in Lagos” and the two search engines I used, Google and Bing provided a list that I can further make my research on.

From Bing, the topmost result brought a list of business ideas that I can look at.

Image from Bing Search on Business Ideas in Lagos

Using a similar phrase on Google, the result and the page which ranked first are different.

Image from Google Search on Business Ideas in Lagos

While Google result shows Top 20 Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Lagos, Bing result showed Business in Lagos: 20 Best options for Lagosian.

Below this actually previewed the page Google ranked best.

Looking at the two results, there seem to be some similarities as a home cleaning business, tutoring, Creche, Cab services and more are in both lists.

Buzz Nigeria in the dropdown from “People also ask” section of the search, also showed a list of twenty business ideas for a quick profit and listed some of the things in both as well.  

The next thing to do is to dig a little further from the list by identifying the summary of each listed points.

It is time we make use of the keyword planner to know which ones have a stronger problem outlook.

Image Shows: Google Search Result on Top Business Ideas in Lagos

Before we go further, you would need to install a keyword tool, called Keyword everywhere on your browser through the Google extension.

This will help you know the volume of queries made using the keyword term. You can only install it as an extension on Chrome and FireFox.

Add the tool through the extension of your browser and input the key API that would be sent to your email address upon registration.

Once that is done, you would be able to see the volume of keywords pooled from search engines based on human queries.

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So the next thing is you would type the phrase of each opportunity from the website listed above, one after the other.

Another better option is to use the Google keyword planner or Bing keyword planner.

This would help you notice much more information about the key phrase on the opportunity.

Snippet of Keyword Everywhere tool
Keyword Every Image Snippet on Search Keywords

As much as there are many dry cleaners now in Nigeria doing the laundry business, what you need to pay attention to is that these set of businesses would need supplies and that is what the search volumes just showed here:

keyword Everywhere Result on Dry Cleaning Business Ideas
keyword Everywhere Result on Dry Cleaning Business Ideas

You would notice that dry cleaning machine seems to have 8,100 volume search on a monthly basis while dry cleaning chemicals also got about 1,600 Google search queries on a monthly basis.

Making a video on dry cleaning processes can also be a good step as it receives a search volume of 590 every month on Google.

So, you have from Electric irons to cloth hangers to special detergents, cloth sprays and more to sell to Laundry merchants within your location.

For the video, breaking it down into a step by step approach would be a great helpful content to market. You could even offer the first sets of steps for free and when people feel it is valuable, they would buy the rest.

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Some other aspects you can include would be financial and marketing aspect for the cleaning agency. This is important as many people would not know.

Using Youtube may not be the best approach as the revenue earning is slow and not encouraging.

A look at Google keyword planner provided a piece of richer information on what people are looking for.

An alternative to dry cleaning business is residential cleaning services which in Lagos State gets 5,400 queries and when house cleaning services are used, you get 60,500 queries.

Google Planner Keyword Results for Dry Cleaning.
Google Planner Keyword Results for Dry Cleaning in Lagos

So, it could be the best time to move into this business of house cleaning, office cleaning for people and also selling cleaning materials people would need.

Another place to confirm what the keywords are showing is to use Google trends which reflect search queries percentage in relation to the volume.

Example below are keywords on the dry cleaning businesses and the graph shows picture of some of the things related to dry cleaning business.

Even though most of the keywords are used in Lagos, brief traditional research in major cities in Nigeria would also guide you on which business to embark on.

Google Trend Result on Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria.
Google Trend Result on Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

So, here you have a piece of brief information on how to conduct business research in any field of your choice.

You could search for any business you can do within Nigeria, especially Lagos and major cities.

You can also get ideas on products you can sell online based on peoples queries.

Let me help you with one product you could sell quickly. Having installed keyword everywhere on chrome or firefox, search for pimples cure or acne cure.

Keyword Everywhere Result on Acne
Keyword Everywhere Result on Acne for Business Ideas

What you would get is a list of keyword volumes to further research on.

Also don’t think because people are not searching for it, there is no business in that line. This may not be true.

But one thing to take away from this lesson on how to conduct a business to do to make money in Nigeria is that conducting business research online will help you to choose right.

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Conducting an online business or product research is important for the following reasons. Here are the Seven (7) reasons you need to conduct a business or product idea search online:

  1. It is cheaper: Employing an agency to do this job for you would be more expensive and the sort of business they may even provide may be out of your budget. So doing it this simple way will help you save more money for your business.
  2. You won’t be doing a blind guess: Using online tools available will assist you to see the opportunities available based on people looking for solutions and products.
  3. You can conduct any business idea online: Using the internet tools I just explained, Google keyword planner, Keyword Everywhere and Google Trend, you could search for all the business ideas in your head, from those micro business ideas to big business ideas.
  4. You will get many online business ideas: the Business idea that fits into your budget is what you need and having plenty of great business ideas to narrow down into very few great business ideas would be possible through thorough marketing research via online marketing search tools which I have explained above.
  5. Plenty Business Materials to consult: The internet has in it possession many business books, articles, and videos that would guide you into making the right and best choice. So, choosing to do your research online would actually help you know what you can actually do as the results keep showing.
  6. Business and Marketing Strategy Ideas: As you are thinking and browsing on the business idea, some of the things you would also get our business strategies that would help you actualize your business ideas. You would get ideas for finance, registration of your business, the choice for business name and marketing ideas to implement when you decide to begin.
  7. Ideas on how to launch: Another material to look at will be technical papers which you would find using Google scholars. This will guide you on the profitability and challenges you would face in the course of the business. You can also do name chk for your business if you have not done that.

Regarding name check for your business, it is important you look at availability for a website and social media pages. So head towards Godaddy or Qserver to do a name check and as well visit CAC website in Nigeria for the FREE CAC business name search which is just a simple way to know the available CAC business names in Nigeria.

In conclusion:

We discuss how you can effectively use free digital marketing research tools to get good business ideas you can do even with the little budget you have.

I explained how to use keyword everywhere and Google keyword tools to assist you get relative keyword monthly volumes and with this you see what business ideas you should start soon and the ones to leave.

Lawore Olufemi is the Founder of Dreamspire Media Agency, a digital marketing expert with over four years in the industry. He believes Digital Marketing will help Small and Medium Scale Companies who cannot cope with the huge expenses of traditional marketing.

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