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April 2, 2019
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Bel Impex Limited

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  • TaskDevelopment, Planning and Implementation of Digital Media Strategy

Bel Impex Limited is an arm of Boulos Group. The company manufactures tissue papers and distributes across Nigeria. Some of their popular brands are Rose Carla, Rose Plus, Rose Belle and Softwave.

We were called to manage their social pages, improve page interaction, grow the page and a combination of objectives.


What We Did:

  • We increased engagement month on month by 89.3%
  • We grew the page from 18233 to 79619 for Bel Impex Facebook page, Organic post for Bel Impex twitter was 5694 while their instagram page was 3644 from 812.
  • ROI on Campaigns was 312.5%
  • Design various contents suitable for the channels.
  • 12 key distributors where delivered within one year and over 51 sub-distributors
  • Developed Strategic Content for the Online purpose through careful data insight.
  • Partnered with major ecommerce for product positioning.
  • Planned a digital strategy for implementation
  • Website planning and layout.

With Strategy developed, Bel Impex has been able to grow their business and engage with customers online and offline.

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