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February 12, 2017

RedCheetah News

Red Cheetah Wifi by Swift Networks

There was a need to make Redcheetah Platform become another reputable news platform focused on contents that appeal to the millennials and Centennials. Dreamspire Media was to develop a strategy that would help improve readability on the platform and come up with an exhaustive strategy that will help drive traffic, maintain readership every day and also improve revenue.


What We Achieved:

  1. We improve traffic rate to platform with 30% Page view increase at +48% sessions.
  2. We had over 400 contents posted across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using selected hashtags relevant to the topics.
  3. Social Media followers grew on Twitter and Instagram organically. 23% week-on-week on Twitter while on Instagram it was 35.4% week on week.
  4. Maintain 120% weekly increase in Facebook reach, 532% reach and 452% impression increment (week on week) on Instagram and Twitter respectively within the social management period.
  5. Provided a two-year plan for Redcheetahnews Platform detailing, audience insight, competitive analysis, growth potential and analysis, marketing analysis and budget, revenue generation and an engagement mechanism.
  6. Generated over 4million impressions within three weeks using local display ads platform at competitive advert cost to build brand visibility, content CTR and brand lift.



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