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February 12, 2017

Sweet Savor Bakery

Sweet Savor Bakery
  • TaskConsultancy on Logo, Tagline, Customers, and Communications.

Sweet Savor Bakery Project

Sweet Savor Bakery is owned by a young dynamic Entrepreneur, Ifeoluwa Kayode. It is a confectionery business in the heart of Ibadan, serving customers with varieties of delicious cakes, donuts, and other food products. The business started in 2017 and has remarkably grown in revenue, 12X of what it was when it started.


Sweet Savor Bakery


We were called to help provide consultancy on the design of a logo, project market/audience insight, social handles and best online communication strategy that the business can start with.

What we did:

First, we analyzed the kind of audience the business is going to serve based on the environment, purchasing decision and power, the capability of the company and growth pattern.

We chose a purple colour and a yellow colour in line with the prospect/customers the business would serve. We also recommended a tone that cuts across vibrant young and old in terms of communication across all media channel.

The perfect font and style description was chosen which depicts flexibility, friendliness, and respect.

In choosing the purple and yellow colour, we believe customers are kings and queens and they deserve to be treated specially. We believe the reason a business exists is that of the needs of customers as, without customers, there will be no business. The purple depicts royalty, majesty or nobility as well as a mystery which is in every bite of Sweet Savor products.

The business focuses more on the female than the male (it does not show gender favouritism but from our research, female care more about chocolates, cakes, donuts and other confectionaries than male).

Yellow on the other end depicts happiness, cheerfulness, playfulness, and optimism. A combination of these are some of what we want for every of Sweet Savor Customers.


Tag Line

Tagline finally agreed on was …sweet taste, great story.

This resonates with the mission, vision, and story Sweet Savor projects.

Social Media Handles:

Facebook: Sweet Savour Bakery

Instagram: Sweet Savour Bakery


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